Offshore Web Hosting

My hosting plan has been tailored to meet the needs of what most entertainers will require with respect to bandwidth, disk space and reliability.

Private Hosting Servers

To ensure client privacy, I only require stage name details to setup new hosting accounts. For complete anonymity !

Fast VPS Servers

All servers are based on virtual private server machines.

SSD Storage

All hosting servers use solid state drives which perform faster than standard hard drives

Free SSL

All hosting accounts include AutoSSL certificates

24/7 Monitoring

Datacenters monitor servers around the clock and automatically fix downtime issues


Offshore Hosting

Datacenter locations currently include The Netherlands & Australia

Domain Email

Create a domain email address for your website (ie: You can create as many as you need, there is no limit.

Visitor Statistics

Your hosting cPanel includes AWSTats, which is a tool to track and analyze website traffic. Logs can also be checked from directly within cPanel.

cPanel Software

Your hosting account uses cPanel, which is an industry leading control panel software used by many hosting providers. Many hosting related tools available for advanced users.

5GB Storage

This is the amount of space clients have available on their hosting accounts. Most sites I design use less than a quarter of that amount.

OpenSSL Protection

Free SSL for your site using the OpenSSL standard included with cPanel.

Flexible Account Changes

I'm happy to make whatever disk size & bandwidth adjustments are needed to your account (within reason, of course).

SSL Form Processing

All form processings are made through 256 bit Secure Socket layer (SSL)

Webmail Access

Fetch mail through any email client of your choice using IMAP/POP3 or check mail using one of the webmail clients installed on the server.

FTP Access

FTP is used to upload/download files directly from your hosting account. Most clients won't need to use this because content is managed within cPanel, but the option is there for those who do.

24/7 Server Monitoring

Both servers are monitored 24/7 by the California & Florida datacenters where they're located. They will automatically reboot or fix any hardware issues as needed.

85GB Monthly Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic that is allowed through your site. The limit is capped high. I've never had a client exceed this amount.

On-Demand Backups

Ability to generate & download a website backup anytime from within cPanel

Domain Management

Option to have me register & manage the domain name for you to allow for complete anonymity. No extra fee beyond the annual domain registration cost.

Plans & Pricings

Universal features & specs for all hosting accounts. Only billing term varies.


$ 15
  • All Universal Features


$ 40
  • All Universal Features
20$ Savings


$ 70
  • All Universal Features
40$ SAvings


$ 120
  • All Universal Features
60$ savings